Women’s Day Celebrations


Mumbai, Mar 10: Renowned gynaecologist and obstetrician from the city, Dr Dhrupti B Dedhia, expressed the opinion that educating the female populace automatically makes the world safe. “The girls should aim at getting good education. If the women folk fail to get education, they are sure to suffer in the future. To obviate this, the women, instead of becoming submissive and treating themselves as weak, come out of their homes and turn themselves stronger. There is a need for ladies to understand the society. A woman can get the status and respect she deserves only when she is able to identify herself and her potential,” she said.

She was speaking after presiding over the celebrations organized by the women’s wing of Billawar Association Mumbai to celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday March 8. The programme, held under the leadership of working president of women’s wing, Shakuntala K Kotian, was arranged at Sri Narayana Guru Auditorium of Billawa Bhavan at Santacruz (East) here.

The programme had an auspicious beginning in the form of lighting of the lamp by Jaya C Suvarna, honorary president of the association, and prayer sung by the members of the women’s wing.

Former working president of women’s wing, Jayanti V Ullal, current working vice presidents, Srimati S Poojary and Prabha K Bangera, and joint secretary, Sumalata V Amin, were seated at the dais. On arrival, guests were received by women office bearers of the association by applying tilak to their foreheads and offering jasmine flowers.

Soundarya Raghunath, Vaastu and Reiki expert, well-known social worker, Yashoda Shashi Nair, and deputy working president of Bharat Bank, Justice Rohini J Salian, participated in the function in the form of honorary guests. Leelavati Jaya Suvarna, Sudha L V Amin, Jayalakshmi Chandrashekhar Poojary, poetess Sharada Anchan, founder president of women’s wing, Vasant S Salyankar, Leelavati C T Salian, and others participated as special invitees.

On behalf of the association, the guests felicitated Jaya C Suvarna and Leelavati Jaya Suvarna couple.

Former working president of women’s wing, Jayanti V Ullal, addressing the participants, said that credit for setting up of the women’s wing should go to the association, which is a collective forum, and not to herself in individual capacity. “In the current scenario, women encounter dearth of status in the society. The women should together strive to tide over this situation. Men need to take up responsibility of understanding emotions and thinking process of women. This can be achieved by treating men and women as equals. To give prominence to women, Janardhan Poojary, a statesman of Billawas, has given the right of conducting puja rituals to widows at Lord Gokarnanatheshwara Temple in Mangalore. How far the men, who take birth out of blood and sweat of women, are right in barring women from touching the idols and performing puja? In the recent past, increasing discord in marital life is observed on account high education of girls. The parents need to educate their daughters to be patient and obedient at the homes of their in-laws, by setting aside at least an hour every day for this purpose. At a time when stubbornness and pride are dividing the people, we need to learn to live together harmoniously,” she felt.

Other guests also spoke on the occasion.

Working president, Shakuntala K Kotian, welcomed and delivered introductory address. Joint secretary, Sumitra S Bangera, presented the programme. Dr Geetanjali Salian and Jayanti Poojary, felicitated the guests by offering bouquets. Honorary secretary, Chandrakala R Suvarna, proposed vote of thanks.

Variety dances were presented by members of local committee and other coordination committees.

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