85th A.G.M.

18th June, 2017

The 85th A.G.M. of The Billawar Association, Mumbai was held at Billawa Bhavan on 18th June 2017, under the presidenship of Shri Nithyanand D Kotian. Local Committee Chairmen  M/S : Shri Sanjeeva P. Bangera, Shri M.B. Sanil, Shri Devraj Poojary, Shri Mohandas A Poojary, Shri Ananth D Salian, Shri Naresh K Poojary, Shri Karunakar G Amin, Shri Ramesh M. Poojary, Shri M. Sundar Poojary, Shri Narayana L Suvarna, Shri D K Poojary, Shri Vishwanath M Salian, Shri Santhosh K Poojary, Shri Sachindra K Kotian, Shri Ravindra S Kotian, Shri Ravi A Poojary, Shri Kodi Gopal Poojary, Shri Krishna G Poojary, Shri K Suresh Kumar, Shri M C Suvarna, Shri Yogesh K Hejmadi, Shri K Ragava Kunder and all the Committee Members of the Central Office M/S: Shri Dr. U Dhananjay Kumar, Shri Shankar D Poojary, Shri Bhaskar V Bangera, Shri Raja V Salian, Shri Dharmapal G. Anchan, Shri Dhananjay S. Kotian, Shri Harish G. Salian, Shri Premnath P. Kotian, Smt. Ashalatha S. Kotian, Shri Mahesh C. Poojary, Shri Rajesh J Bangera, Shri Shivram S Poojary, Shri Sadashiv A Karkera, Shri Mohan D Poojary, Shri Ganesh K Poojary, Shri Mohandas G Poojary, Shri M Anand Poojary, Shri B. Ravindra Amin, Shri Ravindra A Amin, Smt. Shakunthala K Kotian, Shri N Nithyanand, Smt. Baby S Kuckian, Shri Srinivas R Karkera, Shri Dayanand R Poojary, Shri Rajshekar Kotian, Shri Harish Hejmadi, Shri Vishwanath Thonse, Shri Padmanabha A Poojary, Smt. Sumithra S Bangera, Shri Nilesh B Poojary Palimar, Shri Nagesh M Kotian, Shri Ashok K Kuckian, Shri Umesh N Kotian, Shri Dinesh B Amin, Shri Diwakar N Poojary were on the dias.

After seeking blessing of Brahmashree Narayanaguru Swamiji, the meeting started with prayer by Ms. Vidhita Poojary.

With welcome by Hon. Gen. Secretary Shri Dharmapal G. Anchan, the meeting was conducted by President as per the notice and Agenda. All the activities went on very smoothly with the cooperation of more than 550 members present for the A.G.M. M/S. Ashwajith Hejmady & Associates have been reelected as Auditor for 2017-2018.

After the A.G.M. proceedings, three students of Guru Narayana Free Night High School , who scored distinction were honoured. (Kum. Preeti S Moolya – who scored 91.8% first amongst all the Municipal Schools of Maharashtra State, Kum. Sridevi Mankoji, and Kum. Priyanka Birajdar). M/s. Ravindra B Amin – Chairman of School Committee, C.R. Mulky  – M.D. & C.E.O. of Bharat Bank, Shri Harishchandra Amin – Chairman of Narayanaguru Urban Co. Operative Bank, Udupi, Santhosh Kotian – President of Puttur Billawar Sangha, Shri L.V. Amin – Ex-President of Association, Shri Umesh Karkera who provides the Free Pest Control Treatment,  Ashwajith Hejmady – C.A., Shri N.T. Poojary – Chairman of BCCI have been Honoured for their contribution to the society.

An appeal form in respect of developmental work at Gejjegiri Nandana Bittel was released by our mentor Shri Jaya C. Suvarna, President Nithyanand D Kotian and representative from Gejjegiri Kshetra M/S Shri Jayant Nadubail, Ravi Poojary Chilimbi, Rajendra Poojary, were Honoured. Major Lakshmeesh R. Suvarna who has been recently promoted as Lt. Carnal, was praised for his outstanding achievement in the Army, as very few community people might have achieved this milestone and on his behalf Shri Vasudev R Kotian, was requested to accept the Honour.

The Members, Harishchandra Amin, Sreenivas Poojary, H.V. Suvarna, Kum. Sridevi Mankoji, Shankar Suvarna , G.M. Kotian, N.T. Poojary, Chandrashekar S. Poojary, N.M. Sanil, Jayakar D. Poojary, Varad Ullal, Santosh Kotian, Jayanth Nadubail, Ravi Poojary Chilimbi, spoke and appreciated the activities during the last year. Shri Jaya C. Suvarna in his speech appreciated members support and requested to continue the support to Association, as well as Association Sponsored organizations and activities. Nithyanand D. Kotian, in his presidential address, informed everyone to involve with commitment and make Association a strong strength for the community. Very soon, the Association will become a single community strength by the merger of Billawa Jagriti Balaga and next A.G.M. will be an historic event. Once again requested members to contribute for the noble cause of Gejjegiri project and let’s make our Institution strong day by day. Jt. Sec. Harish Salian proposed vote of thanks. The meeting concluded with lunch to all the Members.

Offering obeisance to Guru.

Jaya C Suvarna, N D Kotian and other dignitaries releasing Fund Raising Appeal
of Shri Skehtra Gejjagiri Nandana Bittal.

Harishchandra Amin – Chairman Narayana Guru Urban Co.Op Bank Ltd, being presented with a bouquet and a shawl.

Ravindra B Amin being felicitated.

Santosh Kotian – Udupi Puttur Billawa Sangha

N.T.Pooajri – President Billawa Jagruti Balaga being presented a bouquet.

Preeti S Moolya (91.80%) – S.S.C. Topper at Guru Narayan Night High School.

Sridevi Laxman Mankoji (83.60%) – S.S.C. 2nd position at Guru Narayan Night High School.

Priyanka Birajdar (80.00%) S.S.C. 3rd position at Guru Narayan Night High School.

Jaya C Suvarna addressing the audience.

President Shri N.D.Kotian addressing the audience.

Hon Gen.Secretray Shri.Dharmapal C Anchan welcome and keynote address

Varada Ullal speaking in the A.G.M.




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