The 86th Annual General Meeting

The 86th A.G.M. of  The Billawar Association, Mumbai

The 86th A.G.M. of The Billawar Association, Mumbai was held at Billawa Bhavan on 8th July 2018, under the president-ship of Shri Nithyanand D Kotian. Local Committee Chairmen  M/S : Shri Sanjeeva P. Bangera, Shri M.B. Sanil, Shri Devraj Poojary, Shri Mohandas A Poojary, Shri Ananth D Salian, Shri Naresh K Poojary, Shri Karunakar G Amin, Shri Ramesh M. Poojary, Shri M. Sundar Poojary, Shri Narayana L Suvarna, Shri D K Poojary, Shri Vishwanath M Salian, Shri Santhosh K Poojary, Shri Sachindra K Kotian, Shri Ravindra S Kotian, Shri Ravi A Poojary, Shri Kodi Gopal Poojary, Shri Krishna G Poojary, Shri K Suresh Kumar, Shri M C Suvarna, Shri Yogesh K Hejmadi, Shri K Ragava Kunder and all the Committee Members of the Central Office.

Shri Dr. U Dhananjay Kumar, Shri Shankar D Poojary, Shri Raja V Salian, Purshottam S. Kotian, Shri Dharmapal G. Anchan, Shri Dhananjay S. Kotian, Shri Harish G. Salian, Shri Premnath P. Kotian, Smt. Ashalatha S. Kotian, Keshav K. Kotian, Shri Mahesh C. Poojary, Shri Rajesh J Bangera, Shri Shivram S Poojary, Shri Sadashiv A Karkera, Shri Mohan D Poojary, Shri.J.M. Kotian,Internal auditor Sachin S.Poojari,,Shri.Diwakar N. Pooajri,Shri Ganesh K Poojary, Shri Mohandas G Poojary, Shri M Anand Poojary, Shri B. Ravindra Amin, Shri Ravindra A Amin, Smt. Shakunthala K Kotian, Smt. Baby S Kuckian, Shri Srinivas R Karkera, Shri Dayanand R Poojary, Shri Rajshekar Kotian, Shri Harish Hejmadi, Shri Vishwanath Tonse, Shri Padmanabha A Poojary, Smt. Sumithra S Bangera, Shri Nilesh B Poojary Palimar, Shri Nagesh M Kotian, Shri Ashok K Kuckian, Shri Umesh N Kotian, Shri. Bhaskar Karnire, Shri Dinesh B Amin, Shri Diwakar N Poojary were on the dais.

After seeking blessing of Brahmashree Narayanaguru Swamiji, the meeting started with prayer by Ms. Vidhita Anand Poojary. Programme was compared by Shri Harish Hejmadi. Vote of thanks was presented by Shri Dharmapal G Anchan.

With welcome, keynote address and presentation of last year’s report by Hon. Gen. Secretary Shri Dharmapal G. Anchan, meeting proceeded smoothly.

President Shri Nithyanad D Kotian conducted the proceedings as per as per the notice and Agenda. All the activities went on very smoothly with the cooperation of more than 600 members present for the A.G.M. M/S. Ashwajith Hejmady & Associates have been reelected as Auditor for 2018-201

Before the programme a small film produced by Shri Dinesh Anchan of Seva-Dal depicting Association’s evolution, its journey since 1932 was shown.

President Shri N.D.Kotian spoke expressively about his long emotional attachment and journey with the Billawar Association. How Shri Jaya C. Suvarna has inspired him and worked with him in acing this Association a formidable entity in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Everyone should devote some time for the work and welfare of the association and always strive to do as much work as possible without hankering for post and position.

Shri N. T. Pooajri, Chairman, Billawa Chamebrs of Commerce and Industries spoke regarding his efforts in unifying and merging Billawa Jagruti Balaga with The Billawar Association. Task which began last year is in the completion stage now. In the interest of the community they stood and faced all the criticisms.

In AGM today, doyen of literary world, an outstanding philanthropist, Ex. Editor of Akshaya Magazine, Shri M. B. Kukian was felicitated and present with scroll of honour. He has also been honoured with “Jnana Bhaskera” title on this occasion. In his address Mr. M. B. Kukian recalled how Shri Jaya C. Suvarna introduced him to Akshaya magazine and his long 23 years association date. He said he feels contended as today people recognize him for his articles and editorials in Akshaya.

Lt. Comdr. Lakshmeesh Suvarna who had served Indian Army for 14 long years was also honoured on the occasion. In his address he lamented that there is hardly any person from our community who serves Defense sector where the scopes are immense and its challenging field and said Billawa youths should come forward and join the force where the scope for over all development of the personality is huge.

Newly elected members of the The Billawar Association for the period 2018-21 were also introduced to the gathering.

Following persons were presented with bouquets for their continued support.

C. R. Mulky, CEO, Bharat Co-operative Bank, Ltd.

Ravindra Amin, Chairman, School Committee

Dinesh Anchan, who produced the short film on The Billawar Association

Kishore Shankar Pawar, Arjun Kamble, Gangadhar Kyati students of Guru Narayan Night High school for excellent performance in S.S.C this year.

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