Adopted Students’ Review Meeting

Adopted Students’ Review Meeting and  Memory Development  Workshop held on 24th Dec 2016.


The programme began with playing of audio CD of –Jaya C. Suvarnaji’s interview by Dr.Sadanand Perla to  Akashwani, Mangalore.

Mr.Bhaskar V Bangera, Chairman Education Sub-Committee made a brief speech about day’s programme and inviting Dr.Satishankar Kamath on stage.

Mr.Vishwanath Tonse – Secretary Education sub-committee – introduced  Dr.Satishankar Kamath, MBBS who was to conduct today’s workshop on Memory Development.

Mr.Bhaskar M.Salian – Director Bharat Co-operative Bank, Mr.Dharmapal G Anchan – Secretary Billawar Association and Education sub- committee Chairman  Bhaskar Bangera presented the bouquet and shawl to Dr. Kamath.


Dr.Kamath made interesting presentation on Memory Development, increasing concentration, creativity and decreasing the stress among the students and also gave useful tips to the parents in his 90 minutes session. He also interacted with the students.


Stage function  began with welcoming the guests on stage by Secretary Mr.Dharmapal G Anchan. Dr.U.Dhananjay Kumar -Vice President presided over the meeting. Mr.Bhaskar M Salian, Mr.Raja V Salian, Mr.Shankar D Poojari, Mr.Bhaskar V Bangera and Secretary Mr.Dharmapal G Anchan were on the stage.

Mr.Vishwanath Tonse presented facts and figures  of current year Adoption, Merit Award and Financial Help and interacted with few adopted students about their interest, their opinion and progress in their field of studies.

Vice–President Mr. Raja V Salian, Mr.Shankar D Poojari, Mr.Bhasakr V Bangera and Mr.Bhaskar M Salian – Director Bharat Co-op bank – gave useful advice to students in their address. Dr.U Dhananjay Kumar in his president’s address gave the useful tips to the students.

Mr. Yadav Bangera was presented bouquet for his continued support and service in building and maintaining Association’s website and managing SMSes for the Association.

Meeting ended with Vote of thanks by Jt. Secretary Mr.Harish G Salian.



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